Research Integrity and Research Misconduct

HiResParrish Law Offices is among the top law firms in the United States in handling research integrity and misconduct matters. Debra Parrish began handling cases involving research misconduct in 1989, worked with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Research Integrity, and has handled numerous cases since returning to private practice.

We have counseled regional, national and multi-national companies and educational and research institutions, as well as individual scientists and journal editors and publishers. The firm has been involved in more than 100 cases of research misconduct, including numerous high profile cases. We have written a number of peer-reviewed published articles on the issue of research misconduct and frequently are asked to make presentations on the issue.

We have worked on matters under the jurisdiction of the (1) HHS’ Office of Research Integrity; (2) National Science Foundation; (3) Food and Drug Administration; (4) HHS’ Office for Human Research Protections; and (5) Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare. Based on our extensive experience and on our library, which includes the majority of institutional reports making findings of research misconduct since 1989, we are able to quickly assess and provide practical guidance on how to manage the process, including third party reporting issues, the financial impact, and correction of the literature.

These matters include:

  • Agency inquiry, investigation, and review of allegations of misconduct. We have advised numerous institutions throughout multiple agencies’ examination of both substantive allegations of misconduct and institutional compliance with requirements for a thorough, unbiased, expert response to allegations of misconduct.
  • Institutional implementation of policies and procedures for responding to allegations of research misconduct. We have worked with multiple institutions regarding review and revision of their policies and procedures.
  • Federal civil litigation. We have defended, in multiple federal court jurisdictions, a range of institutions and journals in actions involving allegations of research misconduct and purported mis-handling of responses.
  • Federal criminal investigations. We also have handled multiple criminal investigations stemming from allegations of research misconduct.
  • Journal publications. We have advised a range of journal editors regarding manuscripts and publications alleged to reflect research misconduct.
  • Research integrity training. We have provided research integrity workshops to institutions as part of legal, administration, and/or future professor training programs.
  • Expert testimony. We have provided expert opinions and testimony regarding whether an activity constitutes research misconduct.