Intellectual Property

people are actively thinking Parrish Law Offices provides a range of intellectual property services with a particular emphasis on intellectual property litigation.  Based on the technical backgrounds of its practitioners who are members of the patent bar, Parrish Law Offices has had experience in a broad range of technologies including wireless, cloud computing, cell phone, medical devices, assays and mechanical devices.

Our services include:

  • Patent litigation. We have experience in the major patent litigation venues before well-known judges (e.g., Stark, Andrews, Robinson, Alsup, Illston and Tigar0.  WE haves extensive discover experience including Patent Local Rules practice, depositions (domestic and foreign), eDiscovery and written discovery.  We have experience in IPR practice including the interplay between IPR and pending litigation.
  • Copyright and trademark matters. We have conducted searches and prepared and filed copyright and trademark applications for multiple classes of services and products. We also have experience with claims of infringement, unfair competition, fair use, and additional matters.
  • Licensing agreements. We have handled numerous aspects of licensing agreements involving individuals and for-profit and not-for-profit entities. We have negotiated such agreements between companies and their founders and other employees; corporate partnerships and other business development transactions; and acquisitions, spin-outs, and additional transactions.
  • College and university-developed technology transfers. We have worked with dozens of situations involving the development of technology with colleges and universities and the out-licensing of that technology. We are familiar with transfer policies and procedures of various institutions across the country and we have negotiated and drafted agreements providing for a range of technology development and compensation mechanisms.
  • IT agreements: We have negotiated master license, service, maintenance, pilot and development agreements for various IT companies.
  • Consulting agreements: We have negotiated consulting agreements for IT professionals and physicians developing new technology.