Parrish Law Offices Announces New Washington, D. C. Office Location

Parrish Law Offices, one of the country’s leading health care law firms, announces a new Washington, D. C. office location.

Parrish Law Offices is one of the country’s leading legal experts in obtaining and protecting reimbursement for medical technologies and services. The firm represents health care providers across the country on a comprehensive range of matters involving both public and private payers.

Parrish Law Offices also is one of the country’s leading legal experts in addressing research-related matters for industry and academia. The firm counsels regional, national, and multi-national companies, as well as educational research institutions and individual scientists, journal editors, and publishers.

Parrish Law Offices’ new Washington, D. C. office location, combined with its office in Pittsburgh, provides clients with expanded access and connections to government and private sector payers and additional parties. It facilitates Parrish Law Offices’ ability to build upon its successes to date in helping clients to achieve their goals of developing and disseminating innovative technologies and providing patients with effective and affordable health care.

Our office locations and contact information are:

Parrish Law Offices

615 Washington Road, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

1050 Connecticut Avenue, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20036

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