Debra Parrish

Parrish LawMs. Parrish provides clients with representation and counseling on reimbursement, research-related, intellectual property, and additional regulatory matters. She has more than 20 years of experience, both in law firms and in government, working with life sciences and additional technology companies; academic medical centers; and research institutions. She has specialized in representing companies on reimbursement matters and on additional regulatory areas of health care law; in representing companies and research organizations regarding compliance with research regulations, and regarding investigations and scientific misconduct; and in representing companies and academic institutions on intellectual property matters, including patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, contracts and employee agreements. She has litigated extensively before multiple federal and state agencies, as well as both trial and appellate courts.

Ms. Parrish founded Parrish Law Offices after working with a national Washington DC law firm and as a government attorney with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity. She is a frequent speaker and author on intellectual property and research integrity issues with publications in scientific and legal journals and presentations at national and regional meetings, and individual university and research institutions.

Some of Ms. Parrish’s recent representations include:

  • Securing appropriate reimbursement for a new oncology treatment through the Medicare appeals process and, ultimately, through a victory in federal district court.
  • Representing Medicare beneficiaries challenging local coverage decisions in various Medicare jurisdictions which were contrary to the peer-reviewed literature and opinions of treating physicians. These challenges resulted in Medicare contractors revising their policies in favor of coverage.
  • Representing numerous hospitals and physician groups across the country on denials of claims for new and innovative services described by T codes.
  • Negotiating a settlement of a criminal and civil investigation of a laboratory for alleged improper billing.
  • Getting numerous providers off of pre-payment review by various Medicare contractors and commercial payers.
  • Securing reimbursement for clinical trial monitoring through the Medicare administrative appeals process and, ultimately, through a victory in federal district court.
  • Advising academic medical centers on research misconduct investigations that were international and involved significant press coverage.
  • Appealing numerous claims submitted by various durable medical equipment suppliers through the Medicare appeals process.